Good management is not to know everything, but to bring together those who know their job well and ensure that they can work in harmony, and a leader is not the one who walks ahead, but the one who leads the way. Like a firefly, with the idea of shining a bright light in the darkness of the night, our philosophy at X Koren Electric, where those who do their job best work in harmony, is not to lead the switchgear industry in the world but to lead the way. Our philosophy is to push not only the borders of Turkey but also the world's borders; to make bright plans from head to toe with an X Koren family that has internalized success by aiming for continuous growth and acting accordingly. We work as a family, instilling respect, tolerance, empathy, and self-respect within the family; we act in a company profile order that is motivated by this success and adds its customers to this family while achieving great success with the struggle in cooperation. In this direction, the difference we have created in the switchgear sector is due to the smiles of satisfaction we receive, the employees who have taken the developing technology as their duty and represent our corporate identity best. Our goal is to move forward as an electricity company that is proud and successful of X Koren in the national and international platforms and aims to watch this success story from the world summit in the taste of a film, where its light can be seen from everywhere in the darkest part of the night like a firefly.