XKoren Electric

As X Koren Electric, we carry out our activities with the claim of bringing a breath of fresh air to the market in the electricity sector, where strong players are present, with our low voltage switchgear products that enable light to spread and be recognized.

 In our corporate journey with the slogan “Following the light for a bright future”", we care about permanence as much as brightness with the light we make visible by contributing to its spread.

We bring our product range consisting of low voltage circuit breakers, automatic fuses, low voltage current transformers, low voltage contactors, residual current protection switches, fused load disconnectors, and various LV protection and measuring devices, especially NH fuses, which have national and international quality standards, to our customers with our 100% Turkish capital structure.

We entered the switchgear market in 2006 as a South Korean brand to reflect the economic value we create with the principle of transmitting electrical energy in a safe, efficient, high-quality, and environmentally friendly manner to all our stakeholders and to be among the pioneers in technology. Our activities in the Turkish market, where we started to take part in the distributorship system, evolved to a brand new point in 2019.

As X Koren Electric, we continue our race in the switchgear products market with the identity of an independent domestic company. All kinds of industrial organizations operating in many fields such as electricity and energy business, especially all electricity distribution companies; contractors and contracting companies; all kinds of machinery manufacturers; public institutions; municipalities and affiliated institutions; universities; white goods; elevator; air conditioning; panel sector are in our target audience.

With the confidence and awareness of having the infrastructure required by our sector, we strive to create a reliable, strong, and permanent brand by continuing to consistently justify the investments we have made. In doing so, we act with the sensitivity of sharing the economic value we create with all our stakeholders with the principle of transmitting electrical energy in a safe, efficient, high-quality, and environmentally friendly manner.

We have a young team of experts in their fields, the courage to be better and bigger, an approach open to innovations, a great effort to work hard, excitement, and dreams. We are trying to create the spirit of our company by growing with this dynamism that distinguishes us from our competitors.

In today's world where borders have lost their meaning and competition has become unlimited; we continue our blessed journey to become a world giant domestic brand in its sector. Being aware of the responsibility of providing more employment and adding value to the economy of our country; we make a difference in our sector with our high-standard and quality products, customer relations, marketing techniques, and self-confidence.